Real Estate in El Gouna
Range of objects offered: The real estate which is planned, situated in the making or also finished reaches from suites with living spaces of 45 m2 to 200 m2 about most reasonably priced villas with 2 bedrooms at 125 m2 of living space up to the great exclusive villas with up to 368 m2 of living space, 4 bedrooms and inner courtyard with maid room.
Sales contract, land register, control: On the property acquisition civil law contracts are finally binding, i.e. there isnt any notary. A land register is existing, there isnt, however, any automatism of the entry. The property proof is, the right after over a civil law document, the so-called "Full Payment Document", this after complete purchase price payment gets you of Orascom, sufficing, produced.
In case of the entry into the land register, wished nevertheless, a registration fee at height becomes of L.E 2.000. - due, set Nr.8/2006. (zzgl. the fees for one, the one which can be recommended for this Procedere, lawyer). If your real estate is registered in the land register, it is subject to a five-year resale barrier. With sale of the real estate at expiration of the resale barrier result then according to the article 42 of the new Egyptian income tax law of 2005 (set Nr.91/2005) during the sale of properties and real estate a tax at height of 2,5% on gross proceeds. Further an annual real estate tax is due. It is calculated by a calculatory rental value of a special department of the land register office is specified. In practice this rental value usually however only a fraction of the actual price realizable at the market amounts to. With resale first a reservation contract is closed. The reservation fee amounts to depending upon object between 5% and 7%. With assumption the appropriate documents are then signed.
Legal  situation villa: At the purchase of a villa you become owners of the house as well as the immediate property on which the building field stands. You acquire the sole special usufruct (exactly like according to German law at the garden quota of a first floor apartment) at the remaining property area. This special usufruct is according to value included in the purchase price, i.e. no monthly use payments are charged just as little as it is limited from the point of view of time -- it is so or . The only reason for rule is, that Orascom want to have the control about design and style inside El Gouna. So a harmonic look and feel all over El Gouna is guarantied.
Legal situation apartment: A purchase of apartment is analogue carried out to the legal situation in Germany, i.e. you acquire the special property at the apartment as well as a proportional quota of the complete object.
Process purchase price payment: The purchase prices are guaranteed fixed prices in Euro. The payment of the purchase price is carried out by tax-free rates. The first rate in the amount of 25% of the purchase price (deducting the reservation charges 2,5% at completion of a reservation contract) is after purchase completion of a Sale Agreement  duly five days. The payment of the rest purchase price is carried out by milestones. Financings are possible. The financing period amounts to maximally 6 years.
Regular additional costs: Here we distinguish between costs for water and electrical power whose respective consumption is read and cashed up monthly as well as the overhead costs like street cleaning, garbage collection, security staff etc., which are set differently by object highly to object.
"Owners card": Every buyer of a property receives four copies of this identity card one our unusual features -- . It is a card issued on your names or on names to your choice (by e.g. children or friends) with transparency. You hereby dont get only reductions in div. Transactions, restaurants and the busses. As well it is possible to use the beaches and the pools of the hotels (heated) the deck chairs and towels, partly even free of cost!
Flights: Various airlines offer the possibility of favourable only flights from many UK airports! The prices are in the annual average between approx. € 250 to 350. Target airport is Hurghada. The flying time is a little less than 5 hours from UK; the transfer time to El Gouna only is about 30 minutes.
Visa: After entry with the tourist monthly visa (costs 25 $) it is uncomplicated to receive a prolongation for max. one year. And this annual visa is extendable without bureaucracy and considerable costs (approx. € 17 per annum) in turn, too! As you see, your stay in the wonderful El Gouna stands nothing in the way!