Nestled between sienna mountains and azure waters, the resort town has evolved in one of the Red Sea's most sought after destinations. El Gouna, a world apart.

The city is the natural result of the creative diversity of a local community of entrepreneurs, artists, and environmentalists who made of El Gouna their home. Offering wonderful accommodation, from intimate guest houses to deluxe five-star hotels, you are sure to feel at home. Modern arabesque architecture and unique interior design transport you to another time and space. Meanwhile, the various activities and entertainment options, world-class cuisines and exciting nightlife, make El Gouna the

Red Sea's premier leisure destination.

At Home in El Gouna

El Gouna is not only a vacationer’s dream, but also a wonderful place to live. Home to over 10,000 residents from around the world, El Gouna is a flourishing town with a solid infrastructure. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal home-away-from-home or a full-time residence, El Gouna offers a wide range of properties as well as an extensive network of services designed to meet a resident’s every need.

Designed by world renowned architects, El Gouna offers everything from exclusive private villas to cosy apartments in the heart of the town.

Thousands of people from all over the world have chosen El Gouna as the location for their permanent or holiday home. The number of Egyptian and European families who have purchased a home in the town is at over 2,000 and growing.

Given El Gouna’s matchless blend of breath taking natural beauty, year-round sunshine, exciting and diverse sport and outdoor opportunities, award-winning architecture and interior design, eclectic dining and shopping, as well as the town’s proximity to the historical treasures of the world's greatest civilizations, its popularity is no surprise.